Houses For Sale Livonia

Houses For Sale Livonia

Livonia is a great place to raise a family and build a stable, sustainable lifestyle. This safe town may also be synonymous with the term ‘tree capital’ because of the number of trees around living areas and public amenities. There are many motivating factors on why you should consider Houses For Sale Livonia.

Reasons why you should buy a family house in Livonia

  • The closeness of all neighbors makes for one big happy family.
  • There is good availability of good school districts around living areas.
  • There is heightened security from a highly committed police force.
  • You will have recreational facilities in a walking distance from the living quarters.

The perfect home for a family of four

Houses For Sale in Livonia have attractive traditional dwellings that do not give the slightest hint of old age. One house in Canterbury boasts of a long-standing history from its time of construction in 1969. This home has tall pillars similar to the colonial construction period and a beautiful uniform face with equal-sized windows.

It is suitable for a small sized family that will find a safe home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. This home maintains the spirit of Livonia with its windows overlooking a lash extension of greenery in the immediate compound. Little Beth has detailed information and pictures of every inch of the luscious property.

While this 1969 home boasts of old yet stylish architecture, the inside is a complete opposite expectation. It has a spacious kitchen with granite counters, a bay window, and efficient AC systems with the latest 2018 customizations. The electric connectivity lights up the house’s rooms, the attached garage and the door area which extends the home's warmth to incoming visitors.

Unique features you will enjoy about this pick on Houses For Sale in Livonia

The home includes a customized fireplace for the enjoyment of the whole family. The staircase has unique customization leading up to rooms that have different themes and yet share a common undertone to the entire style of the house. The floors have real oak that adds to the eccentricity of the crown moldings.

When you get to the street in front of the home, you will be a welcome guest by the vast green grass and vibrant garden leading up to the front door. The parking lot has a road winding up from the side of the way to the front porch. This design allows you to drop off the children or guests before proceeding to the parking or winding out from the opposite end of the compound. The backend of the house has a bountiful balcony view that indulges you with views to the garden, pond, trees, and waterfall.  

The best part about this home is its location next to the necessary social amenities, such as the Bench Pub and the Kroger grocery store. There are six schools at a favorable driving distance from the home. You will not have a shortage of elementary, middle, or high schools for your children. Your family will enjoy walking with you to Papa John’s Pizza or the Honey Baked Company for the occasional coffee treats.


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