Houses For Sale Farmington

Houses For Sale Farmington

Have you ever wanted to own a home at the hill? Beth Little Homes gives you a short transaction window to one of these Houses For Sale in Farmington. This particular home not only stands at the highest altitude in Chatham Hills, but it is also one of the largest. The big size applies to the house’s structure and the expansive compound. The obvious factor is that such a grand home would come with equally significant expenses.

How can you afford this home?

Beth Little has an affordable financing system to collaborate the already reasonable homes on all the listings. Here is how you can manage to make this iconic house an actual manifestation in real life.

  • The home sells for $399,900 in total. If you do not have the money pay it all upfront, you can use the fixed mortgage calculation.
  • Beth requires that the prospective buyer pay only $79,980 for the down payment.
  • The annual interest rate is 3.875 percent. Other payments include the monthly tax of $416 and insurance of $93 a month. The total monthly payment will also include the principal and interest summing up to $1504.
  • The buyer has a total of 30 years to make payments that will eventually transfer the ownership to their name.

Is this home worth the praise?

The home is another one of the colonial listings on Beth’s website. The single most spectacular and distinct feature is the vast compound perfect for outdoor celebrations or small friendly games. The space in the back has beautiful garden areas that boast of perennial plants which add to the colorful, vibrant ambiance of the home.

While the outside speaks for itself to any bypasser, the home’s interior is equally enticing. It is not often that one will find French doors in the master rooms and the sitting space. Other inclusions include the ceramic tiles and bathtub in the master bedroom. The home had a roof refurnish five years ago and furnace customization four years ago. Other areas that got a modern touch include the color theme and the floor’s wax.

A bird’s eye view of the compound will expose the pathways that interconnect for easy navigation and driving. The lush fresh compound has a myriad of colors outside the usual green. The purple tree leaves add a dash of mystery and sophistication to the entire size of the field.

Is it worth the purchase?

Houses For Sale in Farmington are well known for their adjacency to outstanding living amenities. This house has an energy efficient system that uses natural gas to heat water and forced air for the atmospheric heat. The central air system facilitates cooling. The in-house appliances include the dishwasher, fridge, microwave, stove, and disposal system.

This property is one of Beth Little’s listings with family oriented settings. It has a big dining area, living room, and kitchen space for all your family’s requirements. The highly responsive security alarm that will keep the home safe while you walk out to a nearby recreational spot or fly off to a destination island.

Houses For Sale Farmington
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