Houses For Sale Canton

Houses For Sale Canton

Are you trying to buy a home in Canton, Michigan right now? You have wandered into the right space. Our listings have comprehensible data to help you decide which property will suit your lifestyle in the best way. Beth Little Homes is under the management of the highly qualified Beth Little, who has a history of working closely and amicably with people from the real estate industry and other certified professions. The site’s listing will show you which of these top-ranking Houses For Sale Canton deserve your attention and possible purchase.

Top Three Attention Demanding Houses in the Current Canton Listing

The colonial home on 8582 Forest View Drive

The home has a fancy private drive with wooden decorations. The open floor plan has four bedrooms and an additional conjoined bedroom with its private bathroom. You will enjoy this home if you have a knack for fine details and such as the hardwood floor and custom finishing.

The kitchen’s appliances stand out due to the stainless steel material and the granite kitchen counter. The bedrooms maintain unique stylishness with walk-in closets and big sized bathrooms. This home houses three cars in the garage, hence it will be suitable for a family with an additional child or frequent adult visitors.

Energy efficient appliances within the home include the Central Air, two ceiling fans, and ENERGY STAR qualified AC system, furnace equipment, and water heater. Other devices in the house are the dishwasher, microwave, disposal, stove, fridge, and washing machine.

The Single Family Home on 8098 Tilbury Court House

This house has a distinct high ceiling from outside observation. The home is perfect for cozying up with the family at the fireplace during cold seasons such as winter. It has a large walk-in pantry that leads into the furnace. The inhabitants have the full permission of enjoying the companionship of pets.

The ample dining space accommodates a large gathering of friends or family. This cozy traditional home adds the comfortability with the glass doors leading into the library. The stairwell has unique moldings that spiral the wall with exquisite ancient carvings and modern finishings for long-lasting results. Despite these unique features, the house is a 2019 establishment that has an active listing on the Beth Little Homes’ site.

The 8728 Elmont Circle Luxury Home

The external aesthetics of this home makes it a perfect fit in the posh side of Houses For Sale in Canton. It has a visibly bright face with the light grey wall and medium-sized windows that add an exciting bight brightness. The surrounding greenery is house-sized trees that hug the walls at the back and create an ambiance of plantation blending into the house.

The home is highly complementary for a busy family of small children and a working parent. The Owner’s Retreat allows the parents to enjoy quiet time upstairs away from the gory distractions of noisy family members. While most homes have simple mortgages, this house has a transferable warranty that is valid for up to ten years.

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